Winter on Thassos island in Greece.

During winter Kazaviti always had been a deserted village. Only some wardens stayed on to keep an eye at the few belongings the people had left behind. The families, following an ancient seasonal rhythm, had moved down to the place called kalyves (=the cottages) that since has become the fairly large settlement of Prinos. All winter long the Kazavitians kept busy harvesting the olives on the coastal plain. Only in March they returned with packed mules and donkeys, goats and tied up chickens to their mother village inland: only there the oil mills had a good head of water; they stood at the edge of the ravines that embrace the village from both sides.
Spending nowadays winter in Kazaviti means experiencing stormy-turbulent dramas of nature. Either gales or intense winter sun, either downpours of rain or blowing snow storms that bury even the garden walls, either bright green lawns or a fresh cover of sparkling white . Grand tranquillity on still days, then gales again with such a power that even the massive stone houses respond by a gentle tremble. Roaring winds and again just deep silence , only the gentle sound of falling snow had slips off twigs and branches.
Winter in Kazaviti implies pure health; no flu germs, not even a slight cold - and if imported from the valley down there- a glass full of strong zipouro and the attack is over. Burning logs in the wide open fire place spread cosy warmth through the room. On the ground floor a stack of dry wood, also red wine in its wooden barrel, and much more clear zipouro. On sunny days refreshing tours over the winterly country side, experiencing the wild spectacle of rushing white water in the gorge, watching magic sunsets beyond the sea over the tinted snow ridges of Pangeon Mountain. Then again cosy comfort and shelter within the walls of stone and clay under the massive beams above that carry the load of blown snow like a protecting cap.
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Season of transition




Above the ravine

Wintry light

Plane trees

Walnut tree

Fig tree

Evergreen oak

Bramble leaves

Wild roses with hew

Kazaviti panorama

Plane trees

Evergreen oak

Southerly breeze

North-esterly winds

As in the old days...

Pure silence

A cold hood

Bright days

Almost deserted..

Icy floods

Deep in the ravine

At the Old Bridge


Roaring floods

Shaping the gorge


Pangeon mountains
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