Holiday house Villa Kavanosi on Thassos island in Greece. (for up to 3 persons. For details click here)

The Kavanosi family left Kazaviti village in the 1950s. Their historic residence was then purchased and refurbished by a Greek- Swiss lady. Ten years ago we were able to add it to our ensemble of traditional houses at the upper periphery of the village. We carefully restored the original character and acquired also the old wine press opposite and the garden terraces behind.

Now this property occupies the entire level at the location on the slope of the village, with a panorama view towards west. It overlooks the stone slate roof of the house below and otherwise is surrounded by lush green gardens. From the stone paved path stairs reach up to the main entrance at the first floor. On the opposite side of the path, broad stone steps provide access to the level of the wine press and the garden seating area behind. The path from the house extends further upwards into the natural landscape of open woodlands and former vineyards, right to the mountain slopes and the two deep gorges that frame the village on both sides…

This cozy family house and gardens suit just right in size and facilities for a holiday of a couple with the option of a third person. It is easily accessible from the village square; we did not want car access, in order to keep a clear distance to any disturbance by traffic. The place preserved its traditional stone walls, vine pergola, fruit trees and an overwhelming abundance of roses, garden and wild flowers, herbs and creepers. The surrounding natural landscape offers an almost exotic wealth of Mediterranean vegetation, even wild orchids and ancient plane trees.

It is in this secluded location that one becomes aware again of the “music of silence”, of just pure nature. Up here one gets the sensual feeling of the gentle breeze in the pine trees, the distant bells of goats on the rocky pastures opposite, the calls of ravens and of herring gulls that venture from the sea far into the valley.

When the sun sets behind the Pangeon Mountains on the mainland, flashes of bright colours illuminate the scene. Later in the night the galaxy of countless stars appears against a deep blue sky – what else do you dream of … and for a change, next day the wide sand beach is less than half an hour away.

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Villa Kavanosi

Villa Kavanosi

Villa Kavanosi

Main entrance

Valley view

Green vegetation


Living room


Bedroom entrance

Terraces above

Garden entrance


Vine pergola

Garden in spring

Valley view

Valley view

View of the garden
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