Seasons in Kazaviti on Thassos island in Greece:

Kazaviti is an appealing holiday resort at any time of the year..
But we recommend holidays during the late spring and early summer season, from the beginning of May , and again in autumn, from early September until October. During these periods, temperatures are very pleasant, the village retains its tranquility and nature offers a wealth of colours and in autumn plenty of fresh fruit and herbs as well.

Hiking trails start right by the holiday houses Villa Karavousi and Villa Kavanosi.
Each season has its distinct atmosphere and natural attractions: until early summer an overwhelming variety of flowers, butterflies and a chorus of nightingales, warblers and thrushes. Later in the year a concert of cicadas.

Mulberry trees offer the first black sweet-sour fruit in June, followed by a great diversity of local apricots, peaches, figs and plumes. In autumn an abundant harvest of sweet grapes, walnuts, chestnuts and mushroom in the nearby forest. Oregano and thyme. Bright yellow and red leaves until winter. Sunny days over Christmas and the early new year..

Only then the weather gets gradually stormy and wet.. we invite you view the pictures of the "spring", "autumn" and "winter" seasons as Kazaviti transforms over the life cycle of one year.

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