Projected Traditional Holiday Houses in Kazaviti on Thassos island in Greece:

Further to the genuine traditional holiday villas Karavousi and Kavanosi already refurbished and available for rent, we are now planning restoration works at several additional old Macedonian stone houses in Kazaviti: the most valuable historic buildings at the best locations in the village. Until recently, or main scope was acquisition of neighbouring houses in order to create coherent units. Now this process has been almost accomplished and we can concentrate on restoration and refurbishment.

The properties are grouped in three architectural units:

  1. The most prominent assembly is located at the upper periphery, right on top of the village. Further uphill there are no more buildings; from the houses the transition to old gardens, vineyards and open woodlands is direct.
  2. The second unit is located at the lowest quarter of Kazaviti, situated above the junction of two ravines and framed by lush garden terraces.
  3. The third unit is centred at the heart of the historic settlement, near the main square and the church. Here, the central office is located and an information centre is being established.

At present there are information's about the houses and work in progress available:

planned holiday Villa Kalliopi

Holiday house Villa Kalliopi (upper quarter)

planned holiday Villa Koutla

Holiday house Koutla (upper quarter)

planned holiday Villa Kiriakoudi

Holiday house Villa Kyriakoudi (upper quarter)

planned holiday Villa Manola

Holiday house Villa Manola (upper quarter)

planned holiday Villa Epaminonda

Information centre + central reception house Epaminonda (centre)

planned holiday Villa Zografou in Kazaviti on Thassos island in Greece

Holiday house Villa Zografou with the office on the ground floor (centre)

planned holiday Villa Kyranastasi in Kazaviti on Thassos island in Greece

Holiday house Villa Kyranastasi 1+2 (lower quarter)

planned holiday Villa Nichteraki in Kazaviti on Thassos island in Greece

Holiday house Villa Nichteraki 1+2 (lower quarter)

Immobilie Siatra in Kazaviti on Thassos island in Greece

Extended open area for our guests: Ruin Siatra above our Holiday Villas Karavousi and Kavanosi.

Plans for the future.

It is our declared intention as a matter of course to maintain the original character and fittings of these houses as much as possible and to carefully revive their unique living quality by opening them up as holiday houses in their authentic rural environment. Each of these historic family houses of various size presents its own personality that has been shelter and home of uncounted generations - quite in contrast to the common new and anonymous holiday villas. The traditional character can be felt intimately, the inviting cozy atmosphere and superb room climate, the wide space and harmonious room composition. Nature is close all around. Every house is fitted with a large, wooden balcony offering a panorama view, as well as with its own private garden. Some of the properties were in derelict condition when acquired. These ruins were added to the units of preserved houses in view of later re-building to their original appearance using traditional materials with some modern re-enforcement as required by the planning authorities. For the time being we preserve the condition as it stands.
The surrounding, quite spacy garden land is already now accessible for our guests as extended, recreational grounds of great tranquility and abundant nature. Once the task of refurbishing the intact old houses will be completed we shall restore also those ruins one by one. Considering the high costs and time consuming works required that stage will only be reached after quite a few more years to come. Right now we take care that these equally very valuable historic buildings will not deteriorate further: Our main concern is to keep off rain water as moisture is the most destructive element of all.