Kazaviti real estate:

Previously, we had no intention to act as estate agents for properties in Kazaviti. Instead we purchased ourselves a selection of those old houses and garden plots which were up for sale. Over a period of 25 years the considerable estate developed that provides us with the choices now to plan freely and to materialize our own concepts in distance to any new, non-style buildings or other interfering developments. Conservation of traditional features to us never meant any obligation forced upon us by the authorities. We rather consider public conservation as a highly regarded support of our own intentions to preserve the architectural heritage in an original condition and to introduce modern elements as carefully as possible. In order that the individual character of the old dwellings is being maintained on the outside - the facades, as well as in the interior of the rooms.

Witnessing the unfortunate, growing decay of several further valuable historical houses, on the one hand side, and being aware of the complete failure of the Greek authorities to conform with the national and European demands for a working conservation strategy on the village level - both in view of the cultural heritage and the natural environment, on the other side, we got increasingly concerned to such an extent that we have now adapted our strategy . Our great hope now rests in partnerships with people of similar perspectives from other European countries, wishing to settle down here in Kazaviti. The unique qualities of this village, its almost magic attractiveness on the all the same still enchanting island of Thassos , still largely exist. But both destruction and decay are progressing and new developments invade the island and endanger the genuine character of the village. Purchase always has been the best guarantee for preservation. Therefore we are looking out now for persons interested in the purchase of the remaining available traditional stone houses in the village, for use as holiday houses or - much preferred - as residences over several seasons.

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